The Benefits of Riser Chairs and Disability Scooters in Redhill

At some point in your life, your body will tell you that it’s time to slow down. There’s no getting away from the fact that age catches up with us all. Thankfully, these warning signs don’t mean that your life has to be confined to being indoors. Crest Care can restore the independence of clients in Redhill with a range of mobility scooters and disability scooters.


If you need to adapt in order to ease the everyday stresses on your body, we ensure that you never need to put your life on hold. In addition to mobility scooters, we can supply electric wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use. We also sell riser chairs to make life inside your home just that little bit more comfortable.


Mobility aids such as disability scooters and riser chairs can open up new horizons and lead to a better standard of life. The products we sell are proven to be liberating and can help people in Redhill with disabilities, mobility problems and everyday aches and pains.


Restoring Independence with Disability Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs


In the past decade, battery-powered mobility scooters have taken off and transformed the lives of many people across the UK. More often than not, those who struggle to get out and about will suffer from depression. Isolation can cause considerable distress when you are housebound with few opportunities to interact with others.


Unlike other mobility aids, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs can take you over long distances without wearing you out physically. The independence to be gained from one of them cannot be understated. Our mobility products give our clients in the Redhill area the gift of freedom so they don’t have to rely on others to help them. A trip to the shops, to the park or to see friends may have been difficult in the past, but these obstacles are now removed to open the gates back into your old life.


Crest Care have a large range of disability scooters and electric wheelchairs, as well as riser chairs to help you at home, so we’re sure to have something to suit your needs at our outlet near Redhill. Road mobility scooters are more suitable for rugged terrain and are almost like a small car. Portable scooters are more suited for travelling shorter distances.


Increasing Functionality and Wellbeing with Riser Chairs


If you find it hard or painful to sit down and stand up, you may find yourself stuck in the same chair all day until someone can help. Or if you suffer from medical conditions such as arthritis or back pain you may struggle with getting comfortable in a chair. This is where riser chairs come in. They provide a level of comfort that can’t be found with traditional household furniture.


Sitting down and getting back up again is made easy with adjustable settings that work in unison with your body. There is an endless array of different styles and sizes too to fit all body shapes. Our customers in Redhill and the surrounding areas have found our riser chairs have helped to increase their independence and wellbeing greatly. Not only do they increase functionality by assisting with sitting to standing transfers, but also help with posture management, fatigue, fluid retention, circulation problems, neck and back pain.


Call us today and we will only be too glad to help you decide on suitable disability scooters or chairs that can help you live with more freedom. We invite enquiries from new and existing clients.

Located in Redhill or a nearby area? Call Crest Care on 01293 440 750 to discuss mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and riser chairs.

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